Anxiety-symptom management with Emergency Mindfulness

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You need to de-stress, but you don't have time for a bubble bath. 

Practice 8 on-demand videos, 3 - 8 mins each that you can easily access from your phone, on the go

        4x Breathing exercises to train the parasympathetic response (rest & digest)

        2x Meditation exercises to reduce the inflammation response caused by stress

        2x Yoga Stretches to give the hard-working cardiovascular system a helping hand


Design your daily mindfulness practice without changing your current schedule

Mindfulness has never been more accessible.

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JUST £25

"These online classes have been a life saver for me both in the lockdown and out."

"Always delivering high levels of service, can't praise her enough."

"Gabie is so good at making sure you feel safe and in control."

"I'm loving these online classes! The sequencing is so helpful and I feel in really safe hands all the time which is so important to me given we are not in a studio together."