My personal wellness journey started, like so many, from a place of confusion and frustration. In my early teens, I was struggling with a bad relationship with food, exercise and my body. After a few years of not really dealing with it, I enrolled in a two-month nutrition course. I'd always been interested in nutrition and the food industry, but learning more made me feel empowered and ready to take control of my health. I was introduced to yoga along the way, and my relationship with exercise quickly shifted, from one of punishment to one of self-care. I used to use exercise to compensate for eating X, or as punishment for eating Y. Through yoga, I was able to stop punishing my body through exercise, and instead, take time to listen to my body. Yoga and nutrition learning quickly became a passion, urging me to go get certified so I could share the tools that helped me learn how to respect my body and look after my mental wellbeing. So, off to Vietnam I went to get my yoga teacher training! Quickly followed by enrolling onto the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Course!



200h Yoga Teacher Training Certification completed at Nomad Yoga Hoi An, Vietnam. I'm specialised in teaching yoga for beginners, working through correct form and breathwork. 

Pn1 Certified Health Coach. Health coaching certification completed with Precision Nutrition.