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Absolutely! Going to studio classes can sometimes feel a bit intimidating, especially for newbies! In bigger classes, it can be difficult to teach at a beginner level if the rest of the class are more advanced in their practice. It's easy to start comparing ourselves to other people in a studio when actually, in yoga, we really want to be looking inwards, listening to our own individual body. Starting your practice from home gives you the opportunity to look inwards, build strong foundations and ask questions. Feeling a sudden surge of motivation? You can book classes at home just a few moments before class start time! Don't want to invest in another exercise you're not sure about? Try a yoga class for free with discount code NEWYOGI

Yoga Mat and Straps

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  • Gentle Stretching & Breath work. Designed for beginners.

    Mon, Thu, Fri

    25 min

    7 British pounds
  • Faced-paced flow to get your heart pumping. Designed for beginners.

    Tue, Wed, Thu

    45 min

    7 British pounds
  • Private online session to focus on any areas you'd like to improve.

    1 hr

    25 British pounds


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